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October Gosho Passage

On Practicing According to the Buddha’s Teachings 

(Nyosetsu shugyo-sho)

The fifth Five-hundred-year Period, which corresponds to the beginning of the Latter Day of the Law, is the time when the pure and perfect teaching of the single truth of the Lotus Sutra is to be propagated throughout the world. [As precisely predicted by the Buddha], this is the age of conflict, when the pure Law will become obscured and lost, and the Lotus Sutra and pre-Lotus Sutra teachings are confused....When the Lotus Sutra and pre-Lotus Sutra teachings are confused, you first should refute the pre-Lotus Sutra teachings using the true Mahayana. Of the two practices of shoju and shakubuku, this is called shakubuku, based on the Lotus Sutra.

(Gosho, p. 672)


末法の始めの五百歳には純円一実の法華経のみ広宣流布の時なり。此の時 は闘諍堅固・白法隠没の時と定めて権実雑乱の砌なり。(中略)まぎらは (紛)しくば実教より之を責むべし。是を摂折の修行の中には法華折伏と申すなり。




(御書 六七二頁)

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