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"Reply to Nichinyo gozen"

(Nichinyo gozen-gohenji)

It is said that the Yellow River becomes clear once in a thousand years. It is said that a sage makes his advent only once in a thousand years. A Buddha is said to be born only once in innumerable kalpas. Even if you encounter the Buddha, it is difficult to encounter the Lotus Sutra. And even if you encounter the Lotus Sutra, it is still more difficult for common mortals like us, who were born in the Latter Day of the Law, to encounter the votary of the Lotus Sutra.

(Gosho, p. 1232)


黄河(こうが)は千年に一度す(澄)むといへり。聖人は千年に 一度出づるなり。仏は無量劫に一度出世し給ふ。彼には値ふとい へども法華経には値ひがたし。設(たと)ひ法華経に値ひ奉ると も、末代の凡夫法華経の行者には値ひがたし。



黃河千年一度得澄。聖人千年一度出現。佛乃於無量劫一度出 世。彼雖值之,然值法華經難。縱值法華經,然末代凡夫值法華經 之行者難矣。

(御書 一二三二頁)

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