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2020 May Oko Lecture (5月御講教材)

May Gosho Passage

"Reply to Shijo Kingo"

(Shijo kingo dono-gohenji)

The Lotus Sutra states: “If, after my passing, there are good men and good women, and one among them secretly preaches the entire Lotus Sutra or a phrase of it to even one other person, then you should know that this individual, indeed, is an envoy of the Tathagata. As the Tathagata’s envoy, he carries out compassionate action in his stead.” A person who recites even a character or a phrase of the Lotus Sutra and also preaches it to others is an envoy of Lord Shakyamuni.

(Gosho, p. 620)


法華経に云はく「若し善男子善女人、我が滅度の後に能く竊(ひそ)かに一人 の為にも法華経の乃至一句を説かん。当に知るべし是の人は則ち如来の使ひ如 来の所遣(しょけん)として如来の事を行ずるなり」等云云。法華経を一字一 句も唱へ、又人にも語り申さんものは教主釈尊の御使ひなり。



法華經云「若是善男子 善女人 我滅度後 能竊為一人 說法華經 乃至一句 當知是人 則如來使 如來所遣 行如來事」等云云。一字一 句唱法華經,又向人說,即為教主釋尊之使也。

(御書 六二○頁)

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