The benefits of chanting are

to overcome obstacles and

to achieve the highest goal.

Image Hall at the Head Temple

Announcements and Upcoming Events


Dear Myoshoji members and visitors:

Myoshoji Temple is currently open to Myoshoji members and guests. 

For the health and safety of members, we kindly ask you to continue to follow British Columbia CDC Preventions and the Temple's guidelines of washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing inside the Temple. To maintain social distancing of 2 meters, up to 12-15 people in the Main Hall. 

Thank you for your cooperation and patience. 

Temple Daily Schedule:


Morning Gongyo: 7:00am

Evening Gongyo: 6:00pm


Saturdays Morning Gongyo: 10:00am

Sunday Morning Gongyo: 9:00am

Evening Gongyo: 3:00pm

October Events:

10/4 Sunday

9am Morning Gongyo & Kosenrufu Shodai

10/10 Saturday

6pm Oeshiki Otaiya

(Surrey, Delta and Out of Area members)

10/11 Sunday

10am Oeshiki Ceremony

(Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam and Out of Area members)

10/17 Saturday

10am Morning Gongyo with Okyobi Ceremony

(Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam and Out of Area members)

10/18 Sunday

10:30am Okyobi Ceremony

(Surrey, Delta and Out of Area members)

10/25 Sunday

10:30am Basic of Practice

See Monthly Schedule for other events. 

2020 The Year of Achieving

Our Shakubuku Goal

Take actions based on the joy arising from conducting daily Gongyo and Shodai.

Advace Kosen-rufu through shakubuku based on the spirit of itai doshin.

Develop your faith and practice through consistent attendance at the monthly Oko Ceremony and going on tozan pilgrimages.

Shogonzan Myoshoji 莊嚴山 妙正寺

13579 Bentley Road, Surrey, BC, V3R 5B8

Phone: 604-580-3993       

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