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Taisekiji Temple

Head Temple - Taisekiji

The name of this Temple is Taho Fuji Dai Nichirenge-zan Taisekiji. In October of 1290, this Temple was established by the second High Priest Byakuren Ajari Nikko Shonin, who succeeded the Founder Nichiren Daishonin. The name “Taisekiji” (Great Rock Temple) is derived from the name of the land, “O-ishigahara”(Big Stone Field). The founder of the area was believer Nanjo Shichirojiro Tokimitsu, who was Lord of the Fuji Ueno province. In 1282, Nikko Shonin received the entire Heritage from the Daishonin. He was therefore installed as the Chief Priest of Minobuzan Kuonji Temple after the Daishonin's passing.

 Several years later, Hagiri Sanenaga began to gradually slander the Law with his erroneous ideas under the deception of Minbu Ajari Niko. Although Sanenaga's Master, Nikko Shonin admonished him again and again, Sanenaga did not change his attitude toward slandering the Law. 
 Because of the Daishonin's will which states, “If the steward Hakiri turns his back to the Law, my spirit will cease to reside in Minobu,” in the spring of 1290, Nikko Shonin came to a decision and left Mt. Minobu, carrying all the treasures including the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary of the Essential Teaching of the Lotus Sutra and the Daishonin's ashes. Then, at the request of Nanjo Tokimitsu, a devout believer since the Daishonin's time, Nikko Shonin moved to Mt Fuji.In the following year, 1291, he established Taisekiji Temple and enshrined the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary of the Essential Teaching of the Lotus Sutra. He then trained his many disciples and established the basis of Nichiren Shoshu for the future.

 Since then, Nikko Shonin bestowed the Heritage of the Law to the third High Priest Nichimoku Shonin, and Nichimoku Shonin to the fourth High Priest Nichido Shonin, as if water was transferred from one vessel to another. In this way, at present, 68th High Priest Nichinyo Shonin has succeeded the Lamp of the Law.

 Nichiren Shoshu Head Temple Taisekiji is the sole original place for practice where the founder Nichiren Daishonin's teaching has been handed down correctly to this day in order to save all mankind.

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