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Myoshoji Temple

Myoshoji Temple is the only Nichiren Shoshu Temple in Canada. As the only temple in Canada, Myoshoji temple is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and it represents the west coast region including other provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the


territories (the Northwest TerritoriesNunavut and Yukon). Our Chief Priest conducts weekly ceremonies and various activities at the temple. He also leads Nichiren Shoshu activities in our region. To learn more about our ceremonies and local activities, please come visit our temple. There, you can learn about the teachings of true Buddhism and also meet Buddhists from all walks of life and all backgrounds.


Nichiren Shoshu believers also host local meetings in all of cities in our region. People come together, recite the sutra, and chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. Then, they share their experiences with the practice and study a Buddhist topic.


To learn more, please contact Myoshoji Temple, and find out when the next ceremony or introductory meeting will be held, or where there is a local meeting near you.

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